Allergy Alert or Peanut Free Zone Signs

11″ x 8.5″ on cardstock
3 for $12

Choice of Signs

Our Allergy Alert signs are perfect to customize to different allergies by boldly writing the allergy at the top or bottom of the sign. These signs are extremely helpful when children have less common or multiple allergies. In settings where there are multiple children who have allergies, it allows others to focus on one sign, instead of being distracted by several different types of signs. Our Peanut Free Zone signs help inform and remind that the area needs to remain peanut free! Perfect to use in the school cafeteria or classroom.

These signs are brightly colored to get attention and UV coated to resist fading. Place them outside of classrooms, lunchrooms, art class, etc. They are also great for church, home, camp, clubs, sports…anywhere your child with a food allergy eats, works or plays!