Allergy Alert, Peanut Free & Nut Free

2″ or 2.5″ circle
25 for $5

Sticker Quantities

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These bright and colorful stickers help get attention and remind others that your child has a food allergy. Place them on “safe” items for your child, so others will have no doubt on what they can safely offer. Our stickers can also help avoid confusion and contamination by labeling your child’s items like drinks (especially during sports and parties) or on your child’s disposable lunch bags. They’re also the perfect way to make important notes and letters stand out. Allergy Alert and Peanut Free Stickers…there are just so many ways you can use them!

  • Allergy Alert Stickers are easy to customize by writing your child’s allergy inside the sticker.
  • Peanut Free Stickers are an easy way mark alternative peanut butter sandwiches (ex: SunButter), so others quickly know it doesn’t contain peanut butter.